The main campus

The main campus of Ramkhamhaeng UniversityThe main campus of Ramkhamhaeng University is on an area of land covering approximately 300 rai (120 acres), located on Ramkhamhaeng Road at Hua Mark in an eastern suburb of Bangkok.
Looking back to thirty-nine years ago, the plot of land in the Hua Mark area, which was at the time used as a venue for the international trade exhibition center, was chosen by the government as the site for Thailand’s newest institution of higher learning: Ramkhamhaeng University.
Since that time, the university has made great efforts to improve, respectively, the infrastructure, the landscape, and immediate surroundings of RU main campus so as to create a more conducive academic environment, especially in the last decade, during which the campus site has developed apace in every conceivable way, thanks to initiatives launched by the Former RU President, Associate Professor Rangsan Saengsook. The outcome of developing the main campus site is that Ramkhamhaeng University has received awards from Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand for the beautification of the main campus.
RU is not only an educational institution, but will also become a role model as one of the nation’s tourist attractions as well.