Quallity Assuance

The international program of Ramkhamhaeng University incorporates several features that show the future of university education – modular course system, multi-cultural professors from the leading countries in the field of studies, cosmopolitan student body.
All these elements sound good on paper (or, if you want, on a Web site). Certainly, these elements need according quality assurance processes in order to ensure that they always work as intended.

Policies at IIS-RU

The following policies are published in the Student Handbook and apply to all students of the international programs at IIS-RU.
Class-Attendance Policy For all courses, class attendance of 80% is required. Class attendance of less than 80% results in failing the course.
Re-Examination Policy Every student who failed to pass a course of passed with a weak grade, deserves a second chance. Once in a semester, a re-examination is offered on request until the course is offered next time. The best grade possible earned by re-examination is grade ‘B’.
Fraud Policy A student caught for cheating fails the course with grade ‘F’. This student deserves the right for a re-examination to pass the course. Re-examination is possible on request. The best possible grade earned from re-examination after cheating is grade ‘D’.
Plagiarism Policy While cheating usually occurs only in written examinations, plagiarism can occur in any assignment. A student caught for plagiarism fails the course with grade ‘F’. On request, re-examination is possible. The best possible grade earned from re-examination after plagiarism is grade ‘D’.

Lecturer Evaluation

The professors teaching the international programs are either visiting or adjunct professors. Independent of the group they belong to, the professors come to IIS-RU for one month to conduct their course and then go home again. To ensure the quality of the courses, the students play the major role. Many students, especially from the U.S. and Europe, come with clear ideas about what they want to learn or understand in a subject. If the professor does not meet this goal, students are asked to report on a permanent basis. They download the Lecturer Evaluation Form from this Web site or receive a printed form in the office. The form is anonymous and triggers in any case a process to check what happened, up to a formal investigation if an initial review suggest such a means.

Syllabus Online

Transparency is a crucial element in quality assurance. We therefore publish the syllabi of our courses at Syllabus Online.