non-Degree Program

International Non-Degree Program (English and Chinese Program)

For the course schedule of each semester, please visit Semester Abroad.
z_DSC03208All undergraduate 3 credit courses, you can study non-degree as well. That means, you don’t need to enroll for a complete Bachelor program. Instead, you study the courses of your choice only. You can transfer the credits earned to any university of your choice (usually within 5 years).
On these pages, you get an overview of all courses offered non-degree.
Please note that each course is offered usually once a year: You will join the regular course with our international students and international professors.
Students who left school before the high-school diploma, however, can study the full program for a degree while learning for their high-school diploma. This way, they don’t loose time: They transfer their non-degree credits to the degree program as soon as they hold their high-school diploma in hands.
At present time, non-degree is offered only in Bangkok. Admission requirement is the equivalent to an U.S. Junior High School Diploma (grade 9) or Mathayom 3 at a Thai school. Please see the Application Process.
[See also: Semester Abroad Packages for foreign students]

Who studies Non-Degree at IIS-RU?

  • University students from foreign universities who study 3-credit courses during their semester holidays, which they can transfer in their own program of study.
  • Students who did not yet receive a high-school diploma begin to study non-degree and switch to the degree program as soon they received their high-school diploma.
  • School students who practice their English with international students and professors where it is used every day, rather than learning pure theory.
  • Employees who need an upgrade in a specific field of knowledge in these fast changing times of globalization.
  • Students who are just interested in looking beyond their nose study, for example, how movies are made.